Friday, March 15, 2019

2019 Grand Prix Predictor League

GP Predictor League

Rohan1504's League of Champions '19 welcomes everyone again!!

The look and the way GP Predictor game operates has changed:

To be able to join the league, please download Grand Prix Predictor app on your iOS / Android device and upon logging in/registering, search in league section for 'Rohan1504 League of Champions 19' to join the league...

If you are using a browser, then you can still register through email or log in via Facebook... But you will have to download the app to join the league apart from accessing other features!!

To read the know-how and rules of the game... Click here!!

The league standings can be viewed on the app as well as the browser...

So, let's see who wins the league this season... Good luck guys!!

Keep racing... Keep predicting!!


  1. Hi there...
    Disappointed with this years make over of GP predictor.
    Complex league tables, difficult to know where you are rated and in the
    last race (Baku) no points awarded in the fastest lap etc. even though I got it right!

    1. Yes, I know right?! I like others have tried to reach GP Predictor and Motorsport but emails are bouncing and FB page of GP Predictor ceases to exist... This has to be the biggest letdown in terms of F1 GP Predictor / Fantasy games... Just horrible! But let's be hopeful they solve this issues next season... Stay tuned to my blog and also spread the word to join my league for this and forthcoming season! Cheers!!

  2. Same for me, it has taken a couple of weeks to update the scores for Baku, but no points for fastest lap which I guessed right.
    Also you cannot contact the developers, their contact email is faulty.
    Very disappointed too!

    1. Just unacceptable! I hope GP Predictor / Motorsport is listening to our complaints and remove the bugs next season... Make sure to come back to this blog next season as well for Rohan1504's League of Champions... Please share this blog's link on your social networking accounts and spread the word!!

  3. Complete wate of 3 days after Dpanish gp and no points assigned as yet...

    1. The points are now updated except the race events, which I don't think ever get updated! I still continue to predict but do not consider GP Predictor as the top most priority this season... But positively, they should correct it next season... So stay updated right here on this blog for more and spread the word to your like-minded friends who may wish to join my league this and the next seasons!! Cheers!!